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Andrew Patterson

International Speaker 

With his unique perspective as a wilderness guide, Andrew shares insights on personal growth, leadership, and finding purpose. For a thought-provoking speaking experience, book Andrew to leave your audience inspired and motivated on their next step.


Andrew's story is a powerful example of how purpose, discipline, perseverance, mindset, leadership, and perspective can help individuals achieve great things. By climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town every day for a year, Andrew demonstrated the power of commitment and belief in oneself.

Andrew's message emphasizes the importance of listening to our own inner voice and stepping away from the noise of the outside world. By doing so, we can gain clarity and focus on our purpose, which can help us overcome any obstacle in our path.

Ultimately, Andrew's story shows that it's not about reaching the summit but rather the journey and the lessons we learn along the way. By combining purpose, discipline, belief, and commitment, we can achieve great things and make a positive impact on the world around us.

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MOST POPULAR Talks to Choose from:

  • Beyond the Summit

  • Conquering "I'm not good enough"

  • Lessons From Ubuntu

  • Explore, Master, Teach

  • How to Reach your PEAK

  • Leadership & Perspective

*Andrew tailors his talks to your specific needs


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“Andrew has blown me away since I first met him with his honesty, humility, and passion to help others. He managed to accomplish his 365 challenge against constant skepticism and didn't let others' opinions get in the way of his tenacity and vision. When he speaks he commands audiences and brings people to tears by moving their own hearts to tap into their own gifts to create more impact.”

Lisa Thompson-Smeddle 

Sustainable Development Network & One Heart

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