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Andrew Patterson

Andrew's mission is to empower individuals to connect their own contributions to something much larger than themselves. Whether speaking, writing, or teaching in the wilderness,  Andrew uses the powerful lessons learned through his endurance achievements to fuel his message on his mission to help others one step at a time. 


 Andrew has experienced the power of Ubuntu and this is why it's at the heart of everything he does.


Having endured depression, I sympathize with what the depths of despair can feel like. The irony of becoming a Wilderness Therapy Guide - supporting others on their journey of personal discovery - is that the wilderness has helped me heal too.


It became my launchpad to master what I was born to do: provide you the space to have your own transformative experience in nature. You can read more about me if you'd like HERE


There is no such thing as a small action when taken in the right direction. Consistent action taken one day at a time, step by step, is the foundation of achievement. Step one is listening to the fire inside and ignoring the outside opinions. That’s how we achieve our greatest desires with purpose-driven action. 

Get to Know Me More

Andrew left the corporate world in 2017 when he was laid off. Faced with a clean slate he used it as an opportunity to reimagine a new vision for his life. While working on everything he loved he had a spark of inspiration that set his soul on fire - to climb Table Mountian (Cape Town, South Africa) every day for an entire year, 365 Ubuntu Climbs was born.


While absolutely bonkers - it ticked every box he was working on, even if becoming an endurance athlete wasn't one of them! With six months to train Andrew diligently worked on turning a dream into reality. As a keen fundraiser, Andrew seized the opportunity to use this as a unique platform to raise money and awareness for housing, education, and health. Andrew invited investors and supporters alike to join on a day of their choosing and become part of the story - another world's first. The essence of ubuntu.


Andrew achieved his goal and climbed Table Mountain every. Single. Day. No days off all year in 2018 -  the vertical equivalent of 71 Mt. Everest in elevation. Nobody has ever done this before - and having completed it Andrew understands why! 


R1million ($67,000) was raised in the process for The Sunflower Fund, Habitat for Humanity, and One Heart for Kids.  All money raised gave people born into more challenging circumstances a hand up. Andrew uses this same perseverance, patience, and passion in his mission and works to empower individuals and organizations for transformative change.

Andrew has achieved incredible feats of physical and mental endurance that make him the perfect guide for those seeking to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Andrew's philosophy is grounded in the belief that the path to success and fulfillment is a three-part journey, beginning with a curiosity to Explore, moving on to Mastery, and culminating in Teaching what is learned to others.

Andrew's Exploration Phase began with a commitment to climb Table Mountain every day for a year. This intense challenge taught him the value of consistent effort and the importance of building a strong foundation of discipline.


Moving on to the Mastery Phase, Andrew didn't let the lockdowns become an excuse to fall into bad habits. Instead, he drew on the lessons learned from climbing Table Mountain every day and set himself another incredible challenge. Andrew put a training plan in place and climbed a 40-story building 40 times in under 12 hours during the peak of COVID lockdown in New York. Not only did this incredible feat push him to dig deeper and tap into his inner reserves of strength, resilience, and mental toughness, but it also helped him to remain healthy and motivated during a dark time in humanity. Through this experience, Andrew learned the value of staying focused on his goals and the importance of maintaining physical and mental health - even in challenging circumstances.


In the Teaching Phase, Andrew has turned his attention to sharing his hard-won insights and experience with others, particularly through his work in wilderness therapy, where he helps young people aged 10-17 overcome behavioral issues and drug and alcohol-related challenges. Andrew's experience has taught him the importance of teamwork, communication, and trust and has given him a deep understanding of the transformative power of nature on the human psyche.

Overall, Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help guide others on their own journey of self-discovery and growth. His incredible physical feats, combined with his compassionate work in wilderness therapy, make him the perfect role model for anyone seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.


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