Andrew was able to get R2.3 million in publicity during his time climbing Table Mountain, reaching 30 million people. This assisted him in his quest to build a community around focusing on the solutions to solve societal problems - rather than complaining about them. Below gives you an idea of the scope.


Andrew Patterson on losing his job: "As scary as it was to have my future slate wiped clean – it started a whole new way of thinking which for me, didn’t include going back into the corporate world. I wanted my time to be spent adding value." Marzahn Botha

Featured in the Sunday Times - Welcome to Extreme Resolutions

Andrew Patterson was featured in a Sunday Times Article after completing his challenge of climbing Table Mouintian everyday for an entire year in 2018. 


Full Spread Feature in MEN'S HEALTH - Living on high


Andrew Patterson was featured in a full-spread Men's Health spread about climbing Table Mountian every day for year. 

Image from Men's Health

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