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#40x40x12 Challenge 








40 flights of stairs 40 times in 12 hours

Ubuntu is being demonstrated the world over as healthy people stay home to protect the vulnerable. We’ve been shown how quickly the virus can spread if an infected person passes it to 3 people. I believe this same model applies when we spread love and kindness.

In such tumultuous times, my heart goes out to you if you or your loved ones have been affected by the virus in health or economically. Never before have we needed the spirit of Ubuntu more.

One Heart for Kids – one of the 3 charities supported two years ago – has been given essential service status. Due to the lockdown in South Africa, not only are people in shacks at greater risk of catching the virus, but they’ve lost any opportunity to make money and feed their families. Throw in the fact the children have no access to learning in school and it's a dire situation.

It's tragic. The queues for food parcels are staggering. I cannot begin to imagine the hopelessness and despair in these communities. To try and do my part I've come up with a new challenge!

To climb 1,600 flights of stairs in 12 hours. I might be ‘locked down’ but I'm not ‘locked up’!

From this challenge, I was able to raise funds, R35 000 which helped 93 families where each child received 3 books, an educational toy, and a food parcel for the family. Something to celebrate!! Pictures and quotes below. 

Food & Books 

One Heart Food & Literacy



To all of you that participated in the recent donor drive hosted in June — THANK YOU!! This post is especially for you, these pictures show you just what a difference you’re making in other people’s lives - proving that our something means everything to them!! The books went to help a school in the eastern cape which had NOTHING. The teachers and the children are overjoyed.


My heart beams seeing them learning to read. These challenges extend past covid and today, addressing these societal problems requires our continued support. I know I will keep going until we can ensure all children are given opportunities to learn - and now for people not to live in fear about their next meal.


Below are quotes from some of the food parcel recipients.


My name is Elicy and I got a food parcel from One Heart. I come from Malawi and here in South Africa its hard to get food if you come from another country. I am married and I have one child and we can’t find work. My parents also depend on me to help them but i cant do anything because i dont have money to support them. I want to say thank you very much for food parcels - it really help my family.


My name is Mphatso I lived in kayamandi in South Africa and I got food parcels from One Heart. I have three kids and no job so so since lock down it was very diffiicut to survive because no money to buy food to feed my kids so i just cook pumpkins to give them so i want to say thank u very much that One Heart helps us with food parcels.”


My name is Gracious and I got food parcels form One Heart. I stay with my friends since covid 19 because I don't have any money to buy food. I want to thank you for the food parcels it help us.

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